The way to insure maximum energy savings, comfort, and a healthy home environment is a thorough evaluation of your entire home.

The IES comprehensive Home Energy Audit Report detects the sources of high energy usage and

health and comfort issues – e.g. deficient, non state of the art insulation; air leaks; defective/leaky
ducts; old/defective windows and doors; old/non-performing HVAC units; air gaps; moisture problems,

and more. Our experienced, highly trained advisors thoroughly inspect, evaluate, and test all the components of the home.

Upon completion of the assessment process for your home, we will provide a comprehensive, detailed

report, options, and costs for a customized solution. We will explain the energy savings, health, and

comfort benefits of the process and work to be performed.

We analyze your home utilizing the most advanced principles of building science, moisture control,

and air movement. We build many state of the art custom homes each year utilizing only the most

advanced state of the art science methodology and materials. We will utilize our more than 30 years of

experience in the evaluation and work performed at your home.